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Here the fourth in our continuing series of behind-the-scenes peeks of the renovation of the jewel of San Francisco Bay’s waterfront, the Ferry Building. Once again, our guide is Project Manager Dylan Berry.
Aerial view of the Ferry Building under construction. Photo courtesy of Wilson Equity
The realized vision in computer simulation, from the office level looking down at the food court storefronts. Photo courtesy of Wilson Equity.
Great place to work, if you can afford it. The vision for new office space in the renovated Ferry Building in computer simulation. Even in a highly-depressed real estate market, this high-ticket space has blue-chip firms flirting with developer Wilson Meany. At press time rumors were swirling that finance form Morgan Stanley was close to inking a deal. Photo courtesy of Wilson Meany
Dylan shows Joel Robinson of the Port of San Francisco and Richard Mitchell of the Richmond Redevelopment Agency around. The Port owns the Ferry Building and the Richmond Redevelopment Building owns former Ford Tank Factory on the Richmond waterfront, an Art Deco masterpiece slated for renovation similar to what is happening at the Ferry Building (ferry service is very much part of the plan). Dylan is explaining: “Office space, along with a Port Commission hearing room, occupy the second floor. The tower will be unoccupied. It’s to be retained by the Port of San Francisco, with the Port managing the carillon system and clock.
Dylan: “The framing up here is original, cleaned, or in rare cases replaced. It’s all been cleaned and repainted.”
Our guide, Dylan Berry: “We’re hoping to be done mid to late September with the lion’s share of the work. There’s been some added pieces of work which may go a little bit beyond that, but we are still pushing very hard to meet our original commitments.” Dylan: “The framing up here is original, cleaned, or in rare cases replaced. It’s all been cleaned and repainted.”
Dylan and the boss-lady. Dylan Berry and co-developer Michelle Meany pose proudly before their baby, just about ready for a’bornin’.
Golden Gate Ferry docks, as seen from the office-space level of the Ferry Building. Dylan: “Originally, the Ferry Building had walkways that extended out from the second floor out over the water where there were these sort of finger inlets, where the ferries would come in and the passengers would get on and off at the second floor, and then travel back across the second floor down to the Embarcadero. The ground floor was primarily for baggage service and for deliveries. So you would check your baggage at the first floor when you got here and it would go off under the first floor into the bowels of the boat and you would go up the second floor to this grand waiting space and then travel out on the ferry.”