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Brian Greene

Modern Sailing Academy

Modern Sailing Academy is joining the Pacific Sail Expo for the first time. Kevin Greene, 43 and single, is the enrollment specialist matching up what people who contact the school express they want and the right class that best suits them. In 2001, Modern Sailing had their best year in the history of the 20-year-old business. In 2002, it was only down a slight amount from their best year ever which still put it above expectations. In this economy and uncertain times, Brian said they are participating in Pacific Sail Expo 2003 because it gives him and the Modern Sailing Academy group a chance to make personnal contact with people who want to sail. His skills in matching the right people with the right opportunity is what keeps Modern Sailing Academy in Sausalito a top sailing school.

At 15, Kevin came to California from Seattle with his father. Moving to the Bay Area to attend San Jose State became a long- term choice. After graduating in Advertising and Marketing in 1985, Brian worked part- time as a sailing instructor in the early 1990s for fun and stress relief. He lives aboard his own boat in Sausalito, so it was a natural choice to share something he loves. He started out as a beginning instructor for Spinnaker Sailing in San Francisco’s Pier 40-South Beach Harbor. When he decided to make teaching sailing a full-time profession, he began teaching for Modern Sailing in the mid 1990s. Modern Sailing has a well deserved reputation among American Sailing Schools for excelling in Bare Boat and Ocean courses.

In 1995, Modern Sailing began Adventure Sail Education programs taking students to warm water locations to earn certifications while sailing from point A to point B. Locations include such beautiful places such as Thailand, Tahiti, islands of the Caribbean, and Europe. With key staff going to these wonderful places to teach, it left a hole in the office. Brian filled the position well. Except for a brief return to his prior profession as a placement recuiter in the frantic job market prior to the dot-com bubble bursting, Brian has succeeded in growing Modern Sailing’s brisk business.

Why Pacific Sail Expo? Why is Modern Sailing, which has not participated in a boat show in 10+ years, going to a show now? Brian said, "The times call for business to get back to basics. Get to know your customers so you can provide what they really want. Make the effort to go out and meet them." When Brian first took on the job at Modern to handle enrollments, he said, " I dressed up in the three-piece uniform of business and went to every Chamber of Commerce meeting in the San Francisco and Marin area. The corporate activity was dramatically increased due to getting out and meeting business owners concerned for the well being and spirit to achieve among their employees. With business revenues further reduced, it is the individuals met at shows like PSE that are the core of our business. Get in touch and stay in touch. That’s what it boils down to. I’m really looking forward to it."

It would suprise some to know he plays guitar. If he could invite two people to dinner from any time, he’d choose Muhammad Ali and Richard Nixon as interesting people to talk to.

Modern Sailing Academy

(800)995-1668 www.modersailing.com