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Bay Crossings Staff report

Alameda Cuts Service
Alameda Oakland Ferry is dropping its seasonal morning run, the 7:40 am from Oakland and 7:50 am from Alameda to San Francisco effective Friday, October 1st, 2004. This service is expected to be restored next spring and this cancellation is an annual event.

Vallejo Responds To Increased MUNI Costs
MUNI stickers were routinely issued to monthly Vallejo commuters until MUNI recently raised the cost of this inclusion. Given the new cost, Baylink has requested that only those passengers who use MUNI request the transfer. Transfer stickers are available for ticket books purchased at Muggs and at the Bay Crossings store in the Ferry Building, but not presently at other 3rd party suppliers. At present, Baylink hopes that only those passengers who actually use MUNI will request the transfer stickers, to help reduce costs. Baylink is negotiating with MUNI to reduce the cost of transfers as well as considering a two-tier price system, with a higher cost for those books that include a MUNI transfer.

Intintoli Interior Renovation Underway
The Intinoli will be unavailable until October 16th while interior renovations are completed. After seven years of spilled coffee and general wear and tear, a face-lift is in order. Interior walls will be painted, seats replaced and the restrooms will be redone. Useable seats off the Intintoli will go to replace failed seats on the Mare Island, which is next in line for an interior rehabilitation. (While Baylink maintains the archaic practice of designating Motor Vessels as “MV,” Bay Crossings has dropped the practice, as there are few steamships (SS), few steam turbines (TSS) and even fewer nuclear steamships (NS). However, when we find one of these elder relics, we will use the appropriate designation, such as the SS Jeremiah O’Brien.)

Other Vallejo News
The Vallejo is scheduled to return to its builder for aluminum replacement and it is likely that a chartered back-up vessel will be used while it is out of service, scheduled for April 2005. Passengers have asked the concessionaire to provide healthier choices for customers, noting that bottled water (for example) costs more than a fountain drink. A suggestion box is planned to be installed at the Vallejo ferry terminal.

Harbor Bay Ferry Dock
The Harbor Bay ferry has been out of service since the abrupt failure of several pilings caused the dock to drift slightly, in turn damaging the gangway. A lot of effort by the city of Alameda and Harbor Bay Maritime have gone in to determining the cause of the failure and appropriate repairs. As things now stand, it is expected that the replacement pilings and the repaired existing pilings will be completed October 1st. Check the website for the date for actual reinstitution of service.

The SS Independence now In San Francisco
The SS Independence has been moved from Mare Island to the San Francisco Dry-dock for unknown work. Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) now owns this classic steamship, recently used in Hawaii before the bankruptcy failure of American Classic Voyages, and her fate is uncertain, as at press time, we were unable to determine the owner’s intentions. NCL has one American flagged modern diesel powered ship operating in Hawaii and expects to add the most recent, mostly American built ship, as her running mate.