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Bay CrossingsBoating Calendar

Master Mariners October. Calendar Listings

Master Mariners Benevolent Association
(415) 364-1656,

Oct 2-3, 2004 Offshore Cruis e, Oyster BBQ at Drake’s Bay - Bob Rogers & Gene Buck.
Oct 23-24, 2004 Jessica Cup at the St. Francis Yacht Club, www.stfyc.org - Terry Klaus
Privateer Lynx is open for viewing till October 3rd by the public each morning for dockside tours, 9:00 am to noon, at the bay model pier in Sausalito. $5 per person for dockside tours. The Lynx is part of the Defense of Freedom Foundation (949) 723-7814

Korean Sailor host commitments needed by Oct. 15th. Korean naval training vessels, YANGMANCHUN, HWACHEON, and WONSAN, will pass under the Golden Gate at approximately 9 am, on November 1. They will steam to Pier 30-32 and be open for free public tours. Nov. 1, 11am – 4 pm and Nov. 2, 10 am – 3 pm. Land base coordination by Sail San Francisco. Please contact Mamiko Ota for more if you can help, (415) 447-9822 or Mamiko.ota@sailsanfrancisco.org
YANGMANCHUN is 135.4 meters long destroyer. HWACHEON is 134 meters long oil, equipment and supply ship, and WONSAN is 103.75 meters long mine laying ship. These visiting vessels carry 810 crew-members, including 49 officers, and 270 cadets. Thanks to the members of this community, Sail San Francisco’s Adopt-A-Sailor program, enables sailors of other nations to have cross-cultural exchange with Americans.
The Adopt-A-Sailor program, November 1st (Mon.) or 2nd (Tues.), for these visiting sailors includes: Pick up sailors at 6:00pm, entertaining these special guests for an evening, returning them to the ships that night. All hosts must provide transportation unless their plans allow for use of public transport or walking. Most are interested in the American life, traditions and sights possibly including hanging out at your house, barbequing, walking the city, hosts choice! Some know Korean culture has delicious foods, like Korean B.B.Q, Kimchi and Bibinba, they also have beautiful traditional dress, chogori. Share a pleasant evening learning more about Korea from these special visitors! For three Korean naval vessels, as many people as possible are needed to host sailors.

If you have events for the Boating Calendar, contact us electronically at swiftswan@aol.com by the 15th of the month.