October 04

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Letters To The Editor

I didn’t know that Bay Crossings was so editorially slanted, I’m turned off that you have set yourself up as an anti-bridge commute group, not to mention anti-Marin (See 4/7/04 “We say that Golden Gate Bridge drivers can damn well afford $8”). Your snide attitude and failure to recognize that there are working class people and service providers who cannot use the ferry was what prompted me to request removal in the first place.

It’s a shame you’ve lost me because I agree with so many of your positions regarding the importance of ferries. I find it intellectually lazy to take the easy shot and insinuate that every GG bridge driver is
well off. I’m almost glad you haven’t removed me from your list yet, as I found that my low opinion was well deserved by your latest ridiculous analogy: “What exactly are the ideals for which we are fighting in Iraq if they do not include the sanctity of the electoral process?”

Imagine an organization committed to getting people out of cars, supporting Operation Iraqi Liberation (the acronym being *exactly* what the ideals are for), and on the premise of the sanctity of the electoral process! Last I checked, the variety of electoral processes in the world run a wide range, some better than ours, most worse. I may wish the worse ones weren’t, but don’t find it my job as a US citizen to impose mine.

Stick to ferry advocating and waterfront celebration, your editors are in over their heads.
Wayne Bush

The Proprietor Responds:

I enjoyed your thoughtful letter and am truly sorry to be losing you as a reader. I hope you will reconsider. But before severing electronic ties, may I:
Admit that:
— my screed was over the top, and as a demagogue I don’t measure up well.
— the existing ferry system is indeed a boutique system, and access to it is limited to a group even more elite than the Marinites I have lambasted.

You’re a gifted writer, surprisingly so given that you don’t sense:
— Marin’s deserved opprobrium for failing to tax itself for public transport while all the while finger-wagging for the politically correct in all things to all people, and;
— that “working class people and service providers” are profoundly victimized by public policy stretching back 50 years favoring cars over egalitarian public transit. Building the bridges was the original sin, replacing a vastly more effective, economical and environmentally friendly regional ferry/rail network.
— that, as generalizations go (and in my opinion), “every GG bridge driver is well off” amounts to a pretty safe bet.

I think it was fair to go after Arnold’s attempt to gut the regional transit measure the people passed. It showed an arrogance, by ignoring public process, which I thought Republicans supported.
Thanks for your input.

Bobby Winston
Proprietor, Bay Crossings