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Pictures by Mary Swift

Help Save the Palace!

By Mary Swift-Swan

Under the direction of Mayor Gavin Newsom, the Department of Parks and Recreation in San Francisco and the nonprofit Maybeck Foundation are partnering to restore the beloved Palace of Fine Arts and Walter S. Johnson Park. The Palace rotunda and colonnades were designed by architect Bernard Maybeck and built for the 1918 Panama-Pacific International Exposition. It was designed to reflect the last remnant of an ancient tidal wetland, located at its heart, that once covered much of the Marina District. The Palace colonnades and park have been a peaceful haven to those from San Francisco for generations. At daybreak and sunset when the accompanying pictures were taken, there are always photographers slowing walking around the beautiful grounds. One of the exposition halls houses the Exploratorium, and another space is occupied by an indoor theatre.

In 1940, it cost one generous San Franciscan, Walter S. Johnson, supplemented by public funds, $1 million to convert the original temporary building materials to a more permanent material for future generations to enjoy. Now, multiple generations are banding together to save the beautiful structures, artwork, and buildings of the park for the next century of children to enjoy as a place of peace and reflection.

The walkway around the lake is breaking away and falling into the lake. The colonnades have structural problems and all the structures are suffering from damage from the corrosive marine environment. The first project of primary importance is the roof of the Palace. It is currently under repair. Mayor Newsom has directed $4.9 million in funding toward the restoration project. The Maybeck Foundation is working to gather an additional $16 million and volunteers to help complete the restoration of the colonnades, lake, and park landscaping.
To contribute or volunteer, call (415) 474-0172 or visit