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Let Your Light Shine on Angel Island

By Surrey Blackburn

Today at a private home in Tiburon with a clear and beautiful view of Angel Island and the whole city, corporate sponsors Angel Island State Park staff and volunteers and Angel Island Association staff and board members met to do a time- honored tradition. To count down the lighting of the Angel Island Holiday Tree lights.

This year was different. With the lively festive group was Henry Davalos. Everyone was surprised and thrilled to see him, because Henry was really not meant to be there. He had just become another wonderful survivor.

On August 10th, Henry was knocked from his crane and became paralyzed from the neck down. His friend Luigi Baker bought many lights on the tree to give Henry hope to bring him through his ordeal.
“Henry has put many lights of joy and caring on us, his friends, whenever we are around him,” said Luigi. “He is just a great man. I am personally pulling for him to come back as he faces months of rehabilitation. I say my prayers for him every day.”

Luigi would be thrilled if other people joined him in his effort to bring a ray of light to his friend. He would like the whole tree to get brighter with lights bought by people wanting to wish Henry a wonderful recovery. For every light purchased in his name, Henry will get a certificate telling him that someone is wishing him all the best in the world. We wish for many lights to shine for Henry.

You too may buy a light on the Angel Island Holiday tree to remember a loved one, to celebrate a new one, to honor a bright one, or to just help our families feel hope again. Your donation will support the hard-working volunteers on Angel Island State Park. You or your friend will receive a certificate declaring that there is indeed a light shining for you or them on top of Angel Island, and that each night the whole Bay Area can see and receive fresh hope.
To learn more about the Holiday Tree, call 415-435-3522 or visit