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No Flu Shot? Could be No Worries, Mate!

Now available is an Aussie standby that could stand in and possibly someday replace the unanswered demand for mass inoculations of healthy people between at-risk ages of the very young and elderly with health problems for cold and flu season. Tea Tree oil is a multiple use product used in nearly every household Down Under. According to Richard Maguire, who was raised in Australia where the trees grow, it is used in a variety of ways, from helping a cut quickly heal, to clearing a stuffy head, to keeping circulating air systems clean of germs and mold in places such as homes, office buildings, yachts, and airplanes where air is shared or mold can grow. The air cleaner and anti mold product Gelair is now available for the boating market in the US and the ‘powers that be’ are reviewing this new tea tree oil product for general release.

Vials of Tea Tree oil have been available for a long time in U.S. drug stores, health food stores, and fine markets. This newest Tea Tree oil product from Down Under, Gelair, came to the U.S. via mega yachts to protect guests and crews from getting “boat sick.” If one person gets sick on a yacht with circulated air, the germs and bacteria could put the vessel at operational risk if too many crew become ill. Airborne Tea Tree oil vapor kills bacteria (and mold spores) that would otherwise infect crews and passengers, making everyone sick with the flu and prevents mold from growing in the damp winter months.

Gelair utilizes a simple delivery system putting Tea Tree oil in gel form that evaporates very slowly when air crosses over it. The gel comes in a mesh covering, and then is vacuum-sealed in plastic. Removed from the plastic package it is put into a vented plastic cage that it is placed in an easy-to-access place in the air and heating duct of a circulation system exposing Gelair to airflow. There is a slow evaporation of the gel, putting very small amounts of the oil into the air circulation system. When the gel pack is exhausted, only the empty mesh bag is left inside the cage. Simply replace the gel pack and you’re good to go, Mate!

To contact the local distributor of Gelair Tea Tree oil products, call Richard Maguire at (510) 301-9395.