Unique Holiday Gifts from Richmondís Shores

Itís that time of year again, when the malls become parking lots and the major department stores require hand-to-hand combat skills to get the latest and greatest popular gift that everyone just has to have. However, some of the most unique and thoughtful gifts are found in out-of-the-way places.

Cohn-Stone Studiosí exclusive Tortoise Shell series is one of their signature lines.

Published: December, 2007 

When you do your annual holiday shopping this year, consider the wonderful and one-of-a-kind products that are available or made along Richmondís waterfront and Point Richmond. Point Richmond is well known for its extensive artist community, which is quite evident when you stroll the streets of this hidden oasis of distinctive shops and galleries. Furthermore, several manufacturing companies located along Richmondís shoreline produce popular items that are readily available online or at local retailers.

Doris Grant, of Richmondís Name the Occasion Gift Baskets specializes in creating gift baskets for any occasion. With 15 years of experience, Grant has created baskets with themes that include birthdays, pets, Oakland Raiders tailgate parties, golfers, baby time capsules and, of course, holiday baskets. They can be conveniently ordered online (www.nametheoccasion.com) or by phone; or, you can set up an appointment for a personal consultation. Gift baskets can be shipped anywhere and prices start at $25. Name the Occasionís main clients are corporate customers who use their services for get well, sympathy, thank you baskets and other corporate gifts.

Cohn-Stone Studios features the hand-blown glass works of Michael Cohn and Molly Stone. Their studio is one of the nationís foremost producers of award-winning designer vases, decorative art pieces and one-of-a-kind works of art. Their exclusive Tortoise Shell series, based on a process developed by Cohn in the early 1970s, has evolved over many years into one of the studioís signature lines, along with works based on pumpkins, acorns, squash, shells and leafs. The works produced at Cohn-Stone Studios are included in numerous museum, corporate and private collections around the world. A comprehensive display of their exquisite pieces can be viewed at their website (www.cohnstone.com). Although usually open by appointment only, Cohn-Stone Studios invites the public to visit its garden showroom and glass blowing studio on a few select weekends every year. The next open showroom weekend will be on December 14-16, for a special holiday sale. Donít miss this rare event.

Steve Hurst of Steve Hurst Clocks began making clocks in 1990 after he perceived a dearth of interesting clock designs for modern homes. Hurst remembered when clocks were statement pieces, and also recalled when clocks began to look mediocre with the influx of digital clocks. He felt that for homes, clocks had been reduced to ugly, faux wood grain clock/radios and digital displays stuck on coffeemakers, microwaves and VCRs. Hurst first introduced his unique clocks in 1991 and now offers a multitude of out-of-the-ordinary designs that run the gamut from simple geometric patterns to complex shapes, using several layers and an astonishing array of textures and finishes. Many of the materials used are rescued from trash bins, such as pieces of shaped wood that once formed molds for casting of industrial machines and parts. In the hands of Steve Hurst, they come together in wondrous forms that Hurst calls Time-Telling Art. You can see and order his distinctive clocks on his website (www.stevehurstclocks.com), order directly by phone, or you can set up a private appointment at his Point Richmond studio.

If you are looking for something completely different for the person who has everything, how about having a custom mural painted right on a wall in your home? If that sounds interesting, Point Richmond artist Mona Meisami, of Monaís Murals, will do just that. Meisami is a mural artist who has been painting custom original murals for homes and businesses in the Bay Area and abroad for seven years. The process begins with a free consultation, followed by the creation of a small painting for the client to review. After approval, the image is faithfully recreated on the wall or canvas. Examples of her work as well as more details on the process can be seen on the Monaís Murals website (www.monasmurals.com).

On the previous page we have included a list of numerous additional locations in Richmond that can provide unique, high-quality gift ideas.


Art Lounge 145 Park Place (510) 232-0084 www.rcvb-ca.com/artlounge.htm

Designer gifts at closeout prices, carrying handmade items from around the world with gift items to delight every age and gender.


Biolum Glass Studio 406 Washington Ave. (510) 234-4336 www.biolumglass.com

Decorative and functional glass, jewelry, custom work by Bryan Northup. Studio is open by appointment only. You can also host a private Biolum art show party at your home for your friends.Incurable Collector


140 Washington (510) 234-7611

Fine custom jewelry and repair plus antiques and unique crystal and silver gift items.


The Grace Baking Company 3200 G Regatta Blvd (510) 231-7200 www.gracebaking.com

Artisan bakery committed to providing a wide variety of innovative, quality breads. Their products are available in 250 restaurants and grocery stores.


Guillermina Oriental Arts and Antiques 109 West Richmond Ave. (510) 237-0036 www.guillermina.com

Rare and exceptionally beautiful objects collected from Japan, Burma, Cambodia, China, India, Korea, Philippines, Thailand and Himalayas.


Cohn-Stone Glass Blowing Studios 560 South 31st Street (510) 234-9690 www.cohnstone.com


Hydrangea Flowers & Gifts 145 West Richmond Ave. (510) 215-4530

Fresh flowers, gifts and cards for all occasions. Delivery available.


Monaís Murals (510) 236-2254 www.monasmurals.com

Custom painted original murals for homes and businesses.


Mountain Hardwear 4911 Central Ave (510) 559-6700 www.travelcountry.com/shop/mountain-hardwear

Manufacturer of innovative and technologically advanced outdoor gear including sleeping bags, tents outerwear and accessories. Order online at website above.


Mulberry Neckwear 880 Harbour Way South 800-824-8424 www.mulberryneckwear.com/line.php?line=henry_jacobson

Neckwear design & distribution. Industry leader in design and sales of beautiful and unique neckwear. Mulberry Neckwear is available at many department and retail stores including Macyís, Nordstrom and Sears. For more locations, see website.


Jim Dewitt Art Gallery 121 Park Place (510) 232-4291

Marine paintings


Name the Occasion Gift Baskets 5327 Jacuzzi St, 2E2

Doris Grant, Owner (510) 524-7500 www.nametheoccasion.com

Gift baskets for every occasion.


NIAD (National Institute of Art and Disabilities) 551 23rd St (510) 620-0290 www.niadart.org

Innovative visual arts center assisting adults with developmental and other physical disabilities. Artwork and gift items available at gallery and gift shop. Open Mon-Fri 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with special Art from the Heart Opening Reception held on Saturday, December 8th 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.


The Nova Studio 24 West Richmond Ave. (510) 234-5700 www.thenovastudio.com

Unique classes taught in areas including making soaps, candles and natural bath and body products. Gift certificates are available.


Steve Hurst Clocks 38 Washington, 2nd Floor (510) 233-5393 www.stevehurstclocks.com

One-of-a-kind and limited edition clocks.


Title Nine Ford Point Building (800) 609-0092 www.titlenine.com

Womenís sports clothing and accessories distribution center. There are several local retail outlets, see website for more information.


Z Gallery Arts Center 401 First Street (510) 236-3171 www.theartofmuzick.com

A unique experience in visual and audio arts.


Zoeís Cookies  1080 Marina Way So. 510-237-2490

Manufacturing-Cookies, Brownies, Fruit Bars, etc.


Richmond Community Redevelopment Agency

Office of Economic Development

(510) 307-8150 Richmondca4business.com

Above: A few examples of the unique clock designs available from Steve Hurst Clocks. Below: A wall mural with an Italian theme painted by Mona Meisami of Monaís Murals.